Dr. Brian Jack

LeBoHA Director

Dr. Jack graduated medical school from the University of Massachusetts where he earned an MD. He completed his FM residency at Brown University, and an Obstetrics fellowship at the University of Washington.

Mrs Elizabeth Nkholongo

LeBoHA Country Director

Mrs. Nkholongo is the Country Director of the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance. She has been with LeBoHA since 2008. She also holds an appointment as Clinical Instructor at Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Sebaka Malope

FMSTP Director

Dr. Malope graduated from medical school at the University of Free State and completed his MBChB. He completed his FMSTP training in 2011.

Dr. Elizabeth Nonkosi Tlale

Internship Programme Director

Trained in University of Nairobi, in Kenya for her Batchelor of Medicine and Surgery. She received her Masters Degree in Obstetrics and Genaecology from the University of Zimbabwe. She has vast experience in her subjects, having worked with the Ministry of Health and as a private practitioner. She has been involved with different aspects of maternal health in the country and has been a keen participant in issues of medical education in Lesotho.

Mr. Taole Mangope

Finance Manager

Mr. Taole Mangope is the Finance & Admin Officer of LeBoHA, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Leadership from University of Free State and a Licensed Accountant certificate obtained from his studies with Centre for Accounting Studies in Lesotho.

His experience involves having worked for the government of Lesotho for 2 years, 2 years in the private sector 20 years in the NGO sector.

Dr. Lisebo Mojaje

Family Medicine Specialist

Dr Mojaje studied medicine at University of Free State and graduated in 2011. She did internship at Kimberly Hospital Complex and returned to the Mountain Kingdom to serve her nation. She arrived in 2014, and have been a medical officer until she graduated in Family Medicine Speciality Training Program in Lesotho, becoming Family Medicine Specialist in April 2019. Doctor's motto is "Health for All Basotho"

Mrs. Moipone Molappo

Internship Program Administration Officer

Mrs. Moipone Molapo is the Lesotho Internship Program Administration Officer of the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance. She has been with LeBoHA since January 2020. She received a Bachelor Degree in Bcom Management Information Systems in 2009 from University of Zululand in South Africa.

Key responsibilities are Ambassador for the internship program, Contact with Medical Students before internship, responsible for the day-to-day performance and administrative functions of the program.

Mr. Paballo Lethunya

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

He obtained Bachelor of Arts in Economics minor Statistics from National University of Lesotho, Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods from University of Stellenbosch and currently pursuing MPhil in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods from University of Stellenbosch.

He joined LeBoHA in January 2020, with a clear focus of developing an inclusive and comprehensive M&E System and framework that includes data collection, data analysis and reporting systems for implementation of all programs. Mr Lethunya has more than 5 years track record of M&E experience from working for PEPFAR funded projects in Lesotho.

Mrs. Nthakoana Rakhoba

Finance Assistant

Nthakoana Rakhoba is the Finance Assistant at Lesotho Boston Health Alliance, under Internship program, with responsibility of providing financial support thus allowing for productive, timely and coordinated implementation of internship program and other related LeBoHA programs, by January 2020 at Maseru Office. Before joining LeBoHA, she worked at several companies building her skills in strategic business development and solving multi-faceted financial problems. Creativity, self-driven and hardworking are Nthakoana’s greatest strengths. She thrives on all kinds of challenges, especially those that expand the company’s reach.

During her spare time, she helped many companies and individual Basotho businesses with their accounting and tax planning and also to ensure that they comply with local laws and regulations, especially Lesotho Revenue Authority, to mention among others.

Nthakoana has been recognized with honesty and strong sense of integrity, solid time management skills to keep up with deadlines. Additionally, she is a General Accounting (ACCA) holder from Centre for Accounting Studies obtained in 2009, possess very strong computer competencies which have allowed her to encourage company growth integrating new technologies (Pastel), as well as increase productivity both in the short and long term.

Mr. Abeloang Khutsoane


Abeloang Khutsoane is a motivated Labour Relations graduate who likes to be involved in anything constructive. Abeloang is involved in different projects, namely Fresh Kut, all in the spirit of keeping busy, and hopefully making a name for himself. He worked as a Fundraiser at the MNN Center of Investigative Journalism, with the aim to raise funds for the Centre for effective implementation of its mandate. Currently he is an intern at the Lesotho Boston Health Alliance(LeBoHA), and also oversees the PSBH(Problem Solving For Better Health Alliance)program.

Abeloang has studied and completed his BTech degree in Labour Relations Management at the Vaal University of Technology. He also studied LLB at the University of Free State and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan, respectively.

Mrs. Mants'o Mafaesa

Office Assistant

Mrs. Mants'o Mafaesa performs a variety of office support duties to ensuring an envornmentally friendly LeBoHA office space.

With several years of experience in this particular nature of work, I can handle a work-load of any magnitude. One of the tasks I do deligently is performing maintenance activities related to cleaning such as ensuring all offices are sanitary.

On a personal level Mrs. Mants'o Mafaesa has no problem working independently in the absence of supervision, and always has a good attitude toward customers, fellow team members and management. She is a bright, energetic person.

Mr. Phetetso Lephallo

Office Driver

Mr. Phetetso Lephallo is a responsible, experienced driver of all times! Throughout his career, he has taken pride in his ability to offer courteous, reliable service, and has worked hard to meet deadlines efficiently. He is dedicated to his colleagues and does his best to ensure that the organization’s needs are met. Though meeting delivery times is important, he prioritizes safety above all else, taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for him and his fellow colleagues.

Mr. Lephallo pays close attention to detail to keep the business on track. When problems arise, he does not shy away from accountability, but redoubles his efforts to solve them. His commitment to quality, timely service is what sets him, apart from the typical driver.

He works well with his colleagues, assuming the necessary roles needed to get the job done.

Dr. Jonathan Steer-Massaro

FMSTP Faculty Physician

Dr. Steer-Massaro graduated from Vanderbilt University medical school and earned an MD. He completed his OBGYN residency at Boston Medical Center. He later graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with an MPH.

Dr. Benjamin Bryden

FMSTP Faculty Physician

Dr. Bryden graduated from the University of Iowa where he earned an MD from the Carver College of Medicine as well as an MPH from the College of Public Health. He completed his FM residency and then a Maternal Child-Health fellowship at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Chelsea McGuire

Research Director

Dr. McGuire graduated from the Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine with an MD and Distinction in Research. She completed her FM residency at Boston University.

Dr. Mariel Bryden

FMSTP Faculty Physician

Dr. Bryden graduated from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and earned an MD. She completed her FM residency and then a Maternal Child-Health fellowship at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

Courtney Steer-Massaro

FMSTP Volunteer

Courtney Steer-Massaro graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and earned a Master of Science in Nursing, as well as certificates as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse-Midwife, and Family Nurse Practitioner. She also graduated from Tulane University's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with a Master of Public Health.

Moretlo Thulo

FMSTP Administrator

Moretlo Thulo has been appointed as the FMSTP Administrator. She holds a Diploma in Information Communication Technology and is a Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Moretlo has extensive knowledge of Customer Service, Telephone Etiquette, Secretarial skills and Personal Assistant. She has worked in the private sector for four years. She loves to spend time with her family and watch tv, she is passionate about her work and loves challenges and new experiences.