Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A sustainable health sector that provides high-quality health care to improve overall health of individuals, families and communities in the Mountain Kingdom.

Our Mission

To strengthen management, policy, planning, and clinical capacity in the Lesotho health sector by strengthening health professional education and professional development with a focus on district hospitals and primary health care.

Our Values

We pursue quality and excellence in clinical care, academic training, research and professional development

We act with integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, meeting the high standards of ethical conduct expected of medical and academic professionals

We recognize the benefits of multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral collaboration

We treat ourselves and others with respect and courtesy

We encourage innovation and creativity in the classroom and in the workplace

We are accountable for our actions, activities and assets

We persevere until the work is successfully accomplished

We do NOT value dishonesty, violence, or discrimination. They are not acceptable in the learning environment nor in the workplace.