Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health also means the capacities and abilities to play useful roles in society, to adjust ourselves to environmental changes and to cope with all related problems. We hope to instill a framework that will develop as a journey over internship students lifes. In residency you reflect, meet with colleagues, and continually refine skills. These types of action learning cycles do not exist for management practices, and yet failure of management practices are a major cause of harm.

Health is not a static condition. Throughout the all years of life it must be:

  • protected - what is defined as disease prevention,
  • improved - what is defined as health promotion,
  • recovered - what is defined as treatment and rehabilitation.

WHO is currently advancing work on a methodology to review how national health programmes can better address equity, social determinants, gender and human rights.


The review methodology aims to help close coverage gaps for critical health issues and fulfil human rights. It has three phases that can be adapted to country needs/circumstances: sensitization, five-step review, and follow-up and redesign. Grounded in evaluation theory, the methodology serves to review a health programme and respond to critical questions such as:

  • Which populations are not receiving the needed services?
  • What are the barriers these populations face?
  • Which adjustments are needed to overcome these barriers and act on social determinants of health?

With all these concerns of WHO and programmes, LeBoHA internship program also aligns itself to empowering the interns with best practices to better practice national health development strategies.


  • For how long does the internship last?

    The duration of internship program is twenty four(24) months for medical Interns with rotations in different disciplines.

  • Which are the accredited Internship Rotation sites?

    Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital(Maseru), Motebang Hospital(Leribe), Mafeteng District Hospital, Butha- Buthe District Hospital, Queen II Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Baylor Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Maluti Adventist Hospital (Mapoteng/Berea), CHAL hospitals and Community health centres.

  • What are the responsibilities of interns?

    Holistic patient care, presenting cases concisely, coherently and competently during ward rounds, grand rounds or any other appropriate fora, keep carefully documented notes, follow up all investigations and ensure they are properly put in patients’ charts, cooperate with other health workers ,abide by the institutional and departmental rules and regulations etc.

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