Do physicians need leadership skills to be good doctors?

Doctors increasingly are expected to lead teams growing in complexity. These teams are expanding in numbers and geography, but the skills physicians need to do that are not formally taught, and as a result we often see disastrous outcomes. We know that teamwork and communication failures are one of the major causes of preventable harm per year. We have seen change management programs stall because people do not practice basic management skills. Good management matters, and is absent from many healthcare organizations. We need to make sure that intern medical students are ready when they come onto teams to utilize these skills.

Adding this training for medical students is critical. People think management skills are only needed later in their career, but when we think about frontlines it is often junior people making decisions. Medical students who have just graduated and are starting internships with LeBoHA will be put in charge of small teams of providers and coordinate increasingly complex care. They need to learn leadership skills early in the process instead of playing catch-up.


We focus on leadership and hands-on management skills. While it is important to understand finance, there are specialized people working in those areas. Every type of practice environment needs to be managing interpersonal dynamics, creating good relationships, motivating team members, coordinating information sharing between groups and units, and being attentive to processes of change and aspects of broader organizational culture.

As we thought about where best to focus efforts and what are the best skills and competencies that physicians need every day – influencing interpersonal relationships, information sharing, sense making came to the fore. We focus on things physicians need to do every day, and if they do not do them well, organizations and physicians themselves suffer.


  • For how long does the internship last?

    The duration of internship program is twenty four(24) months for medical Interns with rotations in different disciplines.

  • Which are the accredited Internship Rotation sites?

    Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital(Maseru), Motebang Hospital(Leribe), Mafeteng District Hospital, Butha- Buthe District Hospital, Queen II Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Baylor Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Maluti Adventist Hospital (Mapoteng/Berea), CHAL hospitals and Community health centres.

  • What are the responsibilities of interns?

    Holistic patient care, presenting cases concisely, coherently and competently during ward rounds, grand rounds or any other appropriate fora, keep carefully documented notes, follow up all investigations and ensure they are properly put in patients’ charts, cooperate with other health workers ,abide by the institutional and departmental rules and regulations etc.

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