Community Health Projects build and reinforce the importance of passion within resource-restricted communities. They use an asset-based community engagement approach that focuses on strengths rather than needs and weaknesses. These projects help to bring solidarity, financial support, material support, and exposure to innovative ideas that are led by local health care workers, community leaders, and other native change agents. Thus focusing on building local, sustainable capacity, skills, and fueling local passion to create a better tomorrow. Listed below, are examples of community-based projects that our interns will engage in.


To help Lesotho communities address the top health needs identified through their Community Health Needs Assessments, models and examples are listed and evaluated as potential resources. Not all ideas listed will apply or be practical for all communities; rather it is a list of ideas that could be modified or tailored to fit society needs, or serve as a springboard for new ideas.

  • Aging population services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Cost and adequacy of health insurance
  • Elevated rate of adult smoking
  • Elevated level of excessive drinking/alcohol use
  • Emphasis on wellness, education & prevention
  • Lack of daycare
  • Promotion of hospital services
  • Obesity & physical inactivity


  • For how long does the internship last?

    The duration of internship program is twenty four(24) months for medical Interns with rotations in different disciplines.

  • Which are the accredited Internship Rotation sites?

    Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital(Maseru), Motebang Hospital(Leribe), Mafeteng District Hospital, Butha- Buthe District Hospital, Queen II Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Baylor Paediatric Clinic (Maseru), Maluti Adventist Hospital (Mapoteng/Berea), CHAL hospitals and Community health centres.

  • What are the responsibilities of interns?

    Holistic patient care, presenting cases concisely, coherently and competently during ward rounds, grand rounds or any other appropriate fora, keep carefully documented notes, follow up all investigations and ensure they are properly put in patients’ charts, cooperate with other health workers ,abide by the institutional and departmental rules and regulations etc.

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