• Internship administration (SOPs)


      These are the specific instructions tailored to serve the Medical Students and interns in training. They are the guiding principles that LeBoHA as the Lesotho Internship Program facilitator will follow as standardized approach, for effective and efficient implementation in order to achieve a high-quality internship program outcome.

    • Registration for Internship

        Registration for Internship

        Lesotho Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Council (LMDPC) regulates the practice of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. All applicants who meet the criteria below will be issued with Registration Certificate, a license permit, which is a mandatory requirement for commencement of internship. The LMDPC reserves the right to turn down an application for registration.

      • LeBoHA roles and responsibilities

          LeBoHA roles and responsibilities

          Allocation of interns is delegated to Lesotho Boston Health Alliance by the Ministry of Health to ensure close coordination with the internship training sites. LeBoHA liaises with intern supervisors at all training sites and also, the organization prepares and distribute the rotation schedules through the Internship Coordinator.


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