Medical internship

Medical internship

Internship is a period of supervised practical experience acquired in designated internship training centres. The graduates during this period consolidate their knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them become future competent practitioners. The goals of LeBoHA Internship Program are to undertake the following, to ensure that interns consolidate what they learned and become competent doctors, to acquaint interns with commonly used medicines and their rational use. To be conversant with Essential Drug List & Dangerous Drugs & Poison Act in addition to other formularies in use, and lastly to familiarise interns to the Ministry of Health Standard Treatment Guidelines.

The duration of internship program is twenty (24) months for medical Interns with rotations in different disciplines.

Intern Minimum Requirements in Clinical Skills and Patient Care

  • Full history; complete physical examination; differential diagnosis; and working diagnosis.
  • Based on working diagnosis develop a treatment and management plan
  • Order appropriate and relevant investigations; interpret them competently; formulate a definitive diagnosis
  • Be proficient in recording and regular updating of patient’s notes.
  • Present cases concisely, coherently and competently
  • Observe and uphold professional ethics and etiquette
  • Acquire basic research principles
  • Participate in Continuing Professional Development activities.

Responsibilities of Interns

  • Holistic patient care
  • Presenting cases concisely, coherently and competently during ward rounds, grand rounds or any other appropriate fora.
  • Keep carefully documented notes
  • Follow up all investigations and ensure they are properly put in patients’ charts.
  • Cooperate with other health workers
  • Active role in ward rounds, grand rounds and other learning opportunities
  • Willingness to seek advice
  • Make accurate clinical summary on discharge of their patients
  • Avail themselves to monthly formal teaching
  • Participating in continuing professional development activities
  • Abide by the institutional and departmental rules and regulations


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