How should I submit an article for the Next Edition?

The Lesotho Medical Journal (LMJ) is scheduled to be released biannually in March and September. For consideration and to allow time for peer review and printing, please submit your article by January 15 or July 15, respectively. Please include a cover letter, the manuscript and any figures/tables (maximum 5) as separate documents.

Submission Portal

What kind of articles do we publish?

  1. Commentaries – Discussion of current topics in health - maximum 500 words
  2. Clinical Case reports – reports of clinical cases that we can learn from - maximum 1,000 words
  3. Original research – maximum 3,500 words (with exemptions for qualitative research that could be more)
  4. Letter to the editor – to make a concise comment on previous publications - maximum 400 words
  5. Community Oriented Care Field Reports – maximum 3,000 words
  6. Systematic Reviews – critical synthesis of research related to a clinical topic – maximum 3,500 words
  7. Essays – Reflections from clinicians, patients, families, communities and policymakers
  8. New innovations in Medical Education or Clinical Care– Succinct stories of on-the-ground innovations
  9. Photographs – Each edition will include a few photographs. Photos related to the Mountain Kingdom are most welcome.

How should the manuscript be prepared?

In general, manuscripts should be prepared according to guidelines described in the ICMJE's "Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals"

Is there a fee for publishing in the LMJ?

No, and the authors will retain copyright to their submitted article.

Is advertising accepted by the LMJ?

Yes, we now are accepting advertising in order to partially cover the cost of publication. Current advertising costs are: a) Full page M5,588 b) Half page M2,759 c) Quarter page M1,379. If interested in buying advertisement, please email

Is there a Conflict of Interest Policy?

Yes, all authors of accepted manuscripts will be required to declare relevant conflicts of interest.