Welcome to FMSTP

Development of the FMSTP

The Family Medicine Specialty Training Program was created to strengthen district health services in Lesotho. Lesotho faces many health challenges, including the one of the highest HIV prevalence globally. At the same time the country suffers from an extreme shortage of physicians. Today the FMSTP focuses on:

  • Clinical Family Medicine.
  • Community Orientated Primary Care.
  • District Health Management.
  • Operational Health Systems Research.

Why Choose Us

The combination of high quality clinical, management, and public health training will provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed for graduates of this program to serve as leaders in Lesotho’s district hospitals as well as to equip registrars to successfully manage community-oriented practice in a decentralized health care system.

  • Maternal and Gynecological Health

    Registrars complete rotations at Motebang Hospital under the supervision of Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Dr Jonathan Steer.

  • Adult Medicine

    Throughout the FMSTP, registrars gain exposure to the full range of ambulatory care and in-patient management of acute illnesses

  • Surgery

    Through surgical rotations and contact sessions, registrars are trained on the definitive management of minor and moderately severe trauma.

  • Peadiatrics

    The FMSTP paediatric curriculum includes neonatal care, well child care, and the management of acutely ill or injured children, including limited surgery.

  • HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis

    Recognising the immense need for registrars to have both clinical expertise and public health skills in these areas given Lesotho’s burden of disease.

  • Mental Health

    With no psychiatrists in the Lesotho Ministry of Health, often mental health care falls to family physicians. FMSTP training integrates ambulatory management of mental illness.

What We achieved


  • Six family physicians have graduated from FMSTP and are the first Lesotho-trained specialists in the country.
  • Expansion from MOH District Hospitals to CHAL Hospitals.
  • Family Medicine specialist receive a higher specialist salary and recognition by the Lesotho MOH.
  • Full program accreditation by the Lesotho Council of Higher Education in 2015.
  • Opening of the Bill Bicknell Memorial House in Jan. 2015 to accomodate registrars during Contract sessions and visiting lecturers.
  • Plans funding to expand to a full academic center with the support of ASHA in 2020.