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LeBoHA is the Lesotho Boston Health Alliance. This is a collaboration between the Lesotho Ministry of Health and Boston University in the United States. LeBoHA is a registered public trust in Lesotho.

To work with the Government of Lesotho and in particular the Ministry of Health in building the human resources for health capacity needed to improve and sustain comprehensive quality primary health care in Lesotho.

The Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) aims to strengthen management, policy, planning, and clinical capacity in the health sector of Lesotho. Our intent is to assist the country in responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis with the long-term goal of contributing to the development of a sustainable health sector that is attractive to Basotho physicians and nurses. LeBoHA structures all activities to be integrated, complimentary and within a strategic framework developed with and agreed to by key leaders, particularly the Minister of Health & Social Welfare.

The two major programs available in LeBoHA are Family Medicine Speciality Training Program (FMSTP) and an Physicians Internship Program.

The Ministry of Health launched the Family Medicine Specialty Training Program (FMSTP) in January of 2008 with faculty from Boston University, the University of Free State in South Africa, and local physicians leading the training. The program seeks to address Lesotho's brain drain by recruiting and retaining doctors to work throughout the country and by providing them with the training necessary to meet the health care needs of their patients. The program combines strong, community oriented, primary care focused, clinical training along with public health, health management, and leadership trainings so that the FMSTP physicians can be leaders within their healthcare facilities. Since May 2012 the FMSTP has been based at Motebang Hospital, and has its own lecture facilities. The majority of rotations are conducted at Motebang Hospital, but registrars also rotate at Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital and Baylor Paediatric AIDS Center of Excellence.

The Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) has partnered with the Lesotho Medical Association to identify priorities for Continuing Medical Education (CME) of physicians in Lesotho. This has included providing technical and administrative support to strengthen and expand the Lesotho Learning and Sharing Forum for physicians and other health providers. In order to bring the latest findings in health care to the health care community, we have also provided editing and publishing services to revitalize the tri-annual Lesotho Medical Association Journal, which is now being distributed to all physicians in the country.

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