We are LeBoHA, We Empower Heal Educate the Nation

Developing systems and programs to recruit, train, and retain a quality health care workforce that is able to meet the needs of Lesotho, with a focus on providers delivering primary care services.

Our Mission

To capacitate health care providers in thought leadership and, continuing professional education and training, in order to support Lesotho’s health care system.

Our Vision

A thought leader and partner in continuous health Professions Education and Training.

Why Us

We develop capacity for conducting systems analysis and planning that promotes efficiency, equity and sustainability in the provision of health care in Lesotho.


Who We Are

The Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) aims to strengthen management, policy, planning, and clinical capacity in the health sector of Lesotho.

Our intent is to assist the country in responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis with the long-term goal of contributing to the development of a sustainable health sector that is attractive to Basotho physicians and nurses.

Our Partners